Bronkar Lee

Peak Performance Coach, Author and Performer

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Bronkar is a peak performance expert, author, internationally acclaimed performer, entertainment producer, and keynote speaker. He uses his authentic passion for connecting with people and his creative talents (which he's honed through discipline and commitment) to motivate audiences, lighting a spark of possibility and delivering powerful results.

Bronkar has always been fascinated by learning, as both an enthusiastic student and insightful teacher. He has learned musical instruments and languages, crafted beatboxing techniques, and mastered numerous physical skills — even to the point of breaking world records. More impressively, he's transformed his personal abilities in record time. He applies these skills (as well as his interpersonal expertise in human connection) as a performer, coach, and educator, to inspire countless audiences and individuals. A sampling of credits includes touring Europe as ringmaster to a world-renowned circus, teaching at-risk youth to develop the confidence to overcome abuse and addiction, and appearing with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show.

As a peak performance coach, Bronkar has helped clients to achieve personal breakthroughs and accomplish goals for health, success, and well-being. His one-man variety show continues to be in great demand – everywhere from Disney cruise ships to corporate conferences for Google and Facebook to half-time shows at Madison Square Garden. As a keynote artist and speaker, he delivers an innovative experience using original art forms, personal connection, and applied technology in order to help others find greatness within themselves.

Over the years, Bronkar's desire to produce, coach, and collaborate has led him to form multiple performance groups including duo show Collision of Rhythm, 4-man variety show Bounce, and even fronting the rock band All Styles to Groove. In 2014, Bronkar collaborated with original STOMP member and Blue Man Group coach Ameenah Kaplan to create Raditatical — a multimedia-filled, rhythm-based theatrical show with a 6-person cast that enjoyed success at the Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood.

Most recently, Bronkar collaborated with his wife Cyndi Harvell Lee to write the book BAM: Bold Achievement Method, outlining his 6-step process for accelerated learning. They used the methodology to complete the book and (most importantly) in raising their sons, Elijah and Niko.

Keynote, always customized:


Ignite innovation and be at the top of your business game every day!

It's a fast-paced, high-pressure world, and your plate is overflowing. Learning new skills as a busy professional can seem like a daunting task. Yet continually growing and developing yourself is absolutely essential for creating the most effective solutions for your team and community.

Every skill we acquire is a tool to strengthen the power of our teams, connect more deeply with our clients, and empower ourselves to build the most successful company possible. New skills keep us relevant in the world of business. They give us confidence as human beings to perform at our highest capacity. And they allow us to save time and money by creating more efficient workflows.

This captivating and unique presentation is loaded with concrete tools to help you clarify your goals and critical skills and help you adopt a new way of thinking that will propel you to take action. Bronkar will motivate, inspire, and educate you to capitalize on your inner creativity and create your own opportunities for success.

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​Bronkar incorporates live music (saxophone, drums, vocal percussion), technology (live looping), rhythmic juggling (an artform he invented), and audience interaction  — with direct demonstrations of skills he acquired using these learning methods. Morale will be boosted, spirits will be lifted, and the doors to possibility will be opened wide!

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