JP Pawliw-Fry

Thought leader on performance, EQ, & managing change

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Dr. J.P. Pawliw-Fry is a thought leader on the subjects of leadership, performance and managing change. He is a performance coach to Olympic athletes and business leaders. He has taught at two of North America's most prestigious business schools executive education programs: the Kellogg Graduate School of Management in the US (rated number one worldwide) and Queens's University in Canada.

Research is clear that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - the ability to intelligently manage our emotions and the emotions of others - counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined in determining who will be a star.

EQ's popularity is unsurpassed - find out why the article, "What Makes a Leader" published by Harvard Business Review, has become the most requested reprint in its history! 

Make a difference at your next meeting by giving your team tools to move them ahead of the competition. They'll learn: the Single Greatest Factor in Retaining Key Talent, Why Smart People Fail, and What Distinguishes High Performance Leaders.

Audiences from four continents have delighted in JP's first-hand experiences and stories coaching Olympic medalist athletes, CEOs and organizations to be their best. His keynote speeches leave audiences with something different than the usual: real strategies that can be implemented the very next day - a key reason he has one of the highest call-back rates in the business!

Feedback includes:

"I do not say this lightly - the most powerful keynote I have ever heard. JP was charged with setting the tone for the rest of the week - he clearly over-delivered." - Pfizer

"Fantastic! Very leading edge thinking. JP has huge energy and passion. Our leadership team couldn't get enough of him - I could listen to him all day!" IBM

"Best keynote presentation I have been to in years! Very different than the usual: extremely interesting and powerful - yet highly entertaining. It is not often I hear someone who can really 'put it together'." Ernst & Young

"Awesome presentation! This will change my life. Thank you for all of your passion, enthusiasm and integrity and for making this our best meeting ever!" Merck

"Simply the best program we have ever heard - critical information that will make a difference." US Navy

Programs include:


Research is clear from the expanding field of expertise development that ‘talent' is over rated when it comes to high level athletic performance. As are technical skills. While there is a ‘minimum threshold' of talent and skill that is required, it is a mindset that differentiates athletes who unlock their full potential and achieve great performance. In this entertaining presentation participants will learn how to adopt the mind-set that characterizes success at the highest levels of performance from the world of Olympic and elite athletes and be challenged to bring these lessons into their own lives to improve their own performance.

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them." George Bernard Shaw

High Level Outline:


This program was developed while working with athletes at Olympic Games as well as coaching senior leaders of NBA, NHL and NFL teams in the US and Canada. It was also developed from working extensively over a ten year period with organizations under pressure such as the US Navy, Army, NASA, Goldman Sachs and Federal Reserve Bank (given the international nature of participants, it is understood that there is a limited utility in stories that come only from North America). This program is also influenced from the experience of spending time in monasteries in Thailand, India and Hong Kong studying mindfulness and meditation.

Redefining Leadership: What Highly Effective Leaders Do

Many factors have been attributed to great leadership. In this riveting keynote, you'll discover the secrets of the best! Senior executives will learn key strategies to move their teams to the next level and how to select and retain the best and brightest. EQuip your organization with an edge. Discover why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the single greatest driver not only of effective leadership, but of performance at all levels of an organization. It is Personal Leadership throughout the organization that will allow you to outperform the competition.

The Motivation Myth: High Performance Sales is Not Driven by Motivation But by Managing Setbacks Effectively

All sales people are not created equally! If 20% of your sales force brings in 80% of the business, what then differentiates the high-performers from the average? In this fascinating keynote, Dr. Pawliw-Fry draws from cutting-edge research and his work with Olympic medallists, professional athletes and high performing sales teams around the globe. Discover the definitive edge that will drive sales performance - and the business.

The Big Disconnect: Why most (well intentioned) Leaders miss out on engaging the next (well intentioned) Generation

The largest generation of people in history -some 77.5 million people - are about to retire. Over the next 5 to 15 years, the workplace will shift to a new generation of leader. Organizations that can't figure out how to keep and engage this new generation of employee will lose. This powerful keynote will provide a framework to better understand the BIG DISCONNECT that is at the heart of generational tension and show how the tools of Emotional Intelligence (EI) are critical to successfully bridging this gap.

Individuals will learn: 

This program will help leaders cut through the 'noise' clouding this critical management issue and provide them with insight and tools they can use the very next day to improve their performance. It will draw from our cutting-edge research on the generations as well as our work with Olympic medalists, professional athletes and high performing leaders around the globe.

You Can't Stop the Waves But You Can Learn to Surf! Tools to Thrive in Turbulent Times

Why do some organizations and individuals falter during times of uncertainty while others thrive in chaos and find ways to adapt? Is it our IQ or technical skills that gets us through those times - or our ability to keep it together and manage ourselves intelligently? Discover how EQ differentiates high performers from others in turbulent times. Your team will walk away with tools to outperform the competition during uncertainty.

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