Pamela Meyer

LieSpotting Author, Speaker

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As the world faces a pandemic of deception, the clues to truth and deception are everywhere. Can you spot them? Pamela Meyer can, and travels the world to share tools that will help you take back the truth.

If it's not your words that give you away, it's your posture, eyes, breathing rate, fidgets, and a host of other indicators. Worse, we are all lied to up to 200 times a day, from the white lies that allow society to function smoothly to the devastating duplicities that bring down corporations and break up families.

Pamela is founder and CEO of Simpatico Networks, a leading private label social networking company that owns and operates online social networks. She holds an MBA from Harvard, an MA in Public Policy from Claremont Graduate School, and is a Certified Fraud Examiner.

A speaker at TEDGlobal, Pamela has extensive training in advanced interviewing and interrogation techniques, facial micro-expression reading, body language interpretation, statement analysis, and behavior elicitation techniques. For her bestselling book "Liespotting," she worked with a team of researchers over several years and completed a comprehensive survey of all of the published research on deception detection, from such fields as law-enforcement, military, psychology and espionage.

Liespotting reveals the sophisticated lie-detection methods of security experts and interrogators, and arms you with proven techniques to detect deception and build trust.

You will gain a lasting advantage in business and dramatically improve your personal relationships by learning to decode the body language, facial expressions, words and actions of everyone you encounter. You'll also:

Pamela's speaking programs include:

Three Truths about Lying and a Radical Path to Trust

In this keynote speech, Pamela Meyer provides her audience with detailed scientific findings on which personality types lie, how deception is expressed in email, on the phone, and in person, and how to detect deception through body language. You will also learn about statement analysis, interviewing techniques, and interrogation, and about how negotiations can gain the upper hand and close deals that last, by mastering deception detection techniques.

Through the use of video and a rapid slide presentation of well-known public figures and examples, Ms. Meyer keeps her audience laughing while they are learning—and presents a path toward trust that emphasizes integrity, maturity, and the importance of having difficult conversations during difficult times.

Finding the Truth, Building Trust That Lasts: Ground truths about lying, detecting lies, and the silent intentions of others

In this fascinating workshop and presentation, Pamela Meyer unveils the secret science of lie detection and interrogation that has never before been brought to the business world. Government officials, border control agents, police interrogators, and social scientists have been studying and practicing lie detection and deceptive behavior for years. Pamela takes her participants through a thorough training session leaving them equipped to:

Studies show we are lied to up to 200 times a day. Leaders are lied to more often than that, and often in high-stakes situations. Participants will acquire a new set of face-to-face skills that allow them to quickly and accurately assess deceptive and potentially costly encounters, and transform their support network into a circle of trusted advisors that can guarantee success.

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