Roger Haskett

MC, Keynote Speaker, Learning Coach & Conference Weaver

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Roger Haskett helps make organizations, individuals, and events more engaging. In his rich and diverse career as a speaker, actor, emcee, writer, director, and entrepreneur, Roger developed a unique formula for not only maximizing audience engagement, but influencing employees, members, participants, and everyone he meets to be more engaged and authentic individuals.

Roger is extremely passionate and positive, with an infectious personality that will captivate and move you. He believes in creating playful energy, the power of storytelling, and getting people actively involved. He consistently delivers entertaining, interactive, and relevant experiences routed in his background as both an educator and actor. Roger's fast growing company, Engagement Unlimited, offers fresh new products for meetings and events that weave together entertainment, education, and team building, proving to clients that by maximizing participant engagement, ROI can be drastically improved.

Roger holds a B.F.A. in Acting and a M.A in Education. He has acted in over 150 films, TV shows and commercials. You might have seen him in shows like X-Files, Supernatural, Stargate, I Robot, or Lovesick: Confessions of a Sex Addict…

In his work as an MC and Learning Coach, Roger ensures your meeting contains pivotal moments in which you educate and enhance connections, as well as inspire people to become more engaged. Roger's talents, plus a few tiny changes to programming, will make powerful impacts on your conference goals and key messages. Roger will help you achieve the following:


Normally, just 10% of learning at conferences is retained. Roger will help you drastically increase your conference ROI by implementing scientifically proven methods to increase retention: movement, play, surprise, repetition, sharing, collaborating, and participation.


Human connection is powerful; we all know the value of relationships. So how do we make networking less threatening, more natural…and more fun? Roger's energy, playful attitude, and audience interaction create a magical mood in the room, one that results in effortless networking and more shareable moments. He breaks down barriers and focuses on the participant experience.


Engagement is a superpower. When people feel motivated from within, they can do magnificent things. With Roger on your team, you'll still accomplish all the business you need AND do so with fun, positivity, humor, and purpose. He'll provide a heightened participant experience that will increase participant engagement both during your conference—and after.

Roger's services include:

Roger Haskett – as your Keynote Speaker

Pressure Cooker Confidence

Learner Outcomes:


"I have been attending conferences and rallies all my life, and the only speaker that I have seen that gets people as riled up as Roger is Bill Clinton." – Earnie McLean, Manager, The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

"You had an enormous impact on me and my ability to achieve this life long goal…thank you, thank you, thank you!" – AK White, Author

The Power of Play

Bored with boring meetings? Tired of tired employees?

Turn your thinking about play upside down! This is a high energy, fun-filled participatory session that concretely demonstrates that play is the best way of turbocharging your brain and body across your work and personal lives. New studies in neuroscience have identified the power of play as one of the best methods to create engagement, increase performance and supercharge creativity. In a word, play is MAGIC.

The session not only talks the talk but walks the walk; participants will experience first hand some of Roger's recommended activities that enhance learning and relationship building, resulting in a wildly entertaining and surprisingly profound experience. Participants will play…while they learn…about play!

What you get out of this session:

Subject Matter Relates to: Leadership, Human Resources, Corporate Culture, Educational techniques, Creativity, Innovation and Meeting Planning

How to fit this into programming: Well suited at the beginning of a conference to set the tone, break the ice, prime people to learn more and network more during the following days.

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Pop Trivia Games

Pop Trivia is entertainment, team building, and learning….all at once! Pit team against team in the ultimate trivia competition. Based on Pub trivia and its British roots, this popular activity has invaded today's social scene. A unique and interactive way to get people learning YOUR content, Pop Trivia will transform key learning objectives into fun trivia questions. This activity is inspired by current studies in neuroscience and adult learning to ensure content is retained.

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