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"[Astronaut Mike Mullane] was energetic, dynamic, funny and completely relevant for this audience. I heard nothing but positive feedback. And what a genuinely nice person he is! He was generous with his time in both sessions and afterward. I heard people say they thought this was our best annual meeting yet. In fact, I was standing with our president when one of the members said he wasn’t sure how we were going to tie the space theme with our industry message, but we completely delivered on it. With all successful ventures like this, it takes a team. Thanks, Andrea Driessen, for being on ours." Market Communications Director, Engineered Wood Assn.

"The comments we received from our participants since the performance have been outstanding." Starbucks commenting on Store Development Leadership Conference results

"Greg Bell was our highest ranked keynote speaker since we started tracking feedback 5 years ago." Washington School Information Processing Cooperative

"Speaker Jim Sorensen's program doubled the value of the entire day." Microsoft

"Scheduled at the end of a long, multiple-day meeting with a room full of tired field leaders, our customized 'Seal Tank' exercise from Brian Walter raised the energy levels right back up….It was a huge success…." Vice President Operations, Wet Seal

"(Andrea' Driessen's) professionalism, attention to detail and ability to keep everyone informed allowed this event to excel and become a record-breaking evening for fundraising." Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

"[Brain researcher] Scott Crabtree was great at our client event…and one of my favorite speakers I've worked with in advance, during the planning process. He was always professional and friendly. On site, he was proactive, knew what he needed to be successful, and brought a solution to any problem that arose." Krista Fleming, KF Events

"It's a joy working with Andrea. She's easy to communicate with (personable with a great wit), creative in her thinking and seriously knows the meeting/event industry." MPI One+ Editor

"Bill Stainton is the epitome of what you look for in a speaker…Not only does he deliver an amazing keynote…but the time and effort he devotes before he even hits the stage are inspiring. I found Bill extremely easy to work with and nothing less than professional….and highly recommend him for any speaking engagement." Project Manager, WSECU

"…thorough, professional and solutions-oriented...Andrea Driessen is a shining example of excellence, and sets the bar for professional expertise and integrity within her field." Seattle's YWCA following a record-setting fundraiser featuring best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert

"The perfect opening to our most successful conference to date…" Oregon Dental Assn.

"Fred Northup was a phenomenal auctioneer. Simply stated, he made our event more of a financial success than we ever imagined it could have been. If I ever host another fundraiser, Fred will be the auctioneer I choose." Miles Mcdonough, HRT rescue technician, Support The Last Resort fundraiser coordinator

"We were very pleased with how well Scott Crabtree's Happy Brain Science programs were received by our members. Their individual comments included: 'I wish I could rate Scott Crabtree a 10! His Presentation was excellent!' '…Scott Crabtree one of the best I've been to--interesting, humorous, informative.' And 'Scott Crabtree was by far the most interesting…(He) gave us concrete practices to take with us. Am already using his information at work and with my staff." Nancy Moffatt, CSBA, Executive Director, Washington Association of School Business Officials

"Our best-ever event" IC Funding, Ontario, Canada

"If you ever need to engage and captivate a large audience, look no further than Paul Huschilt. Young or old, corporate or more personal, Paul can entertain them all. What separates Paul from everyone else is that Paul not only entertains, but he also drives home the message or theme you wish to make and does so in a way that’s not only engaging, but also informative….Paul is a consummate professional…and I will definitely keep him on my short list of speakers to use in the future." Project Manager, WSECU

"I can't say enough wonderful things about my experience working with Andrea Driessen. She made sure my experience was excellent—and continued to follow-up every step of the way." Woodland Park Zoo event planner

"(Speaker/Performer Dan Thurmon) …got an instant standing ovation from the 272 people in attendance …" Used Truck Assn.

"Andrea Driessen is a consummate professional with a keen eye for detail and a clear understanding of our big picture—a true business partner. She goes above and beyond to make the experience enjoyable and worry-free." United Federal Credit Union, Benton Harbor, Michigan

"They put the fun back into training and learning. I will definitely work with them again and would without any hesitation refer them to others!" VP at Sanofi, a Global Pharmaceutical

"John Curley added the perfect amount of levity ...touching yet hilarious." WSECU

"A fresh, exciting, and memorable event..." Eddie Bauer's CEO

"Humor is very difficult with a large international group. Not only was your humor acceptable to the entire audience; the music and added relevant humor that reinforced the messaging built a better-than- expected energy that bled into the entire conference program...." Intermec Technology Corp.

"...even the nuns wanted your autograph!" Franciscan Foundation commenting on humorist & MC Luke Burbank

"(Infotainer) Brian Walter turned our conference into an exceptional event." Matsushita Avionics

"You nailed it!"—CEO of PEMCO Financial Services

"The highest [evaluation] I recall at Premera…" CEO, referring to Speaker Tom Flick

"…one of the most inspiring speakers we have invited…." Lakeside School regarding speaker & mountaineer Ed Viesturs

"Within 20 minutes, Dr. John Izzo had our executive team engaged and riveted, so much so that we didn't see anyone checking their phones or iPads…To say that our team was transformed in how they interact and move forward into our future is not an exaggeration. It was one of our best retreats ever." CEO, Franciscan Health System

"Brian Walter, David Koch & Lisa Koch were just what the doctor(s) ordered. We couldn't have been happier with our attendees' responses…I highly recommend this group and wouldn't hesitate hiring them again." Group Health Cooperative

"Andrea Driessen LIVES her brand, always finding new ways to add value to your business and life." Posy Gering, Seattle

"Timothy Egan's appearance at the Sigma Tau Delta International Convention in Portland this last March proved to be one of best convention moments in recent memory. Not only did Egan inspire the audience with provocative and 'spot-on' issues about the importance of and the future of the humanities, his remarks energized, amused, and moved those in attendance…." National English Honor Society

Three "impactful, memorable and energizing" meetings
at Charles Schwab

Imagine trying to set the stage for managers to be more change ready—in a meeting structured the same old way. Talk about a disconnect! The field communications division at Charles Schwab needed to increase attendee buy-in on new change initiatives. No More Boring Meetings' work with Schwab involved communication consultant Brian Walter, who produced two custom formats for Laura's meetings.

First, a "Fact or Fiction" game, via which everyone was quizzed on their knowledge around the firm's and industry's changes over the years. Playful, yet with an important purpose of opening meeting goers' minds to the company's change readiness, the game lessened resistance to what came ne­xt in the agenda, and to change in general.

In another Brian-produced segment, leaders sat on stage in "Hot Seats," while attendees asked any questions they wished—anonymously—on flash cards. The rapid-fire Q&A boosted managers' trust of their leaders and was a fresh way to communicate on a human level the challenges and rewards ahead. All without a slide deck getting in the way of having engaging, inclusive conversations.

Attendees expressed appreciation of the new formats. They knew they covered a great deal of important ground, yet didn't feel rushed—or bored.

Afterward, Laura wrote: Thank you so much for helping us make our manager meeting impactful, memorable and energizing….They loved it. And it matched up perfectly with our new SVPs sense of humor….Hot Seat…was rated the favorite part of the meeting. Giving managers (or any employee) a chance to ask their leaders anonymous questions on flash cards—with no preparation or PowerPoints, just candid answers—went a long way towards building credibility and morale. It makes leaders more human and approachable."




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