Victoria Labalme, CPAE

Victoria Labalme, CPAE

Creating Transformative Experiences for Unimagined Professional and Personal Results

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Victoria Labalme helps leaders, teams and organizations gain competitive advantage and achieve sustainable growth through a surprising blend of art and business. With over 20 years in the Performing Arts—from Broadway to comedy clubs to high-profile television to commercials including a Super Bowl spot—Victoria helps people perform at their highest levels by awakening their hidden genius.

From performing on HBO to elevating senior leaders at IBM, Victoria has driven peak performance around the globe.

Victoria is the secret weapon to genius-level performance at leading brands such as Starbucks, Microsoft, and New York Life. As an inductee into the Speaker Hall of Fame, she’s delivered hundreds of electrifying, inspiring, and actionable keynotes around the world, sharing stages with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Peter Diamandis.

Victoria's proprietary and systematic methodology to awaken hidden genius and drive optimal performance has been embraced by Hollywood celebrities, bestselling authors, and Fortune 100 CEOs. She uses strategies from the arts, stage, and screen to transform business results and human performance.

Based in New York City, Victoria has founded three businesses, is a graduate of Stanford University and is a critically acclaimed film producer.

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Her keynotes include:

RISK FORWARD®: The Fastest Route to Creativity, Innovation and True Leadership

Trust Uncertainty

Lead like an Artist

Explore to Innovate

Overcome the crazy-busy mindset

Innovation requires risk; breaking new ground requires uncertainty; and top results arrive through courage. If you want your people to be engaged, excited and on the cutting edge, Risk Forward® is your answer.

In this landmark keynote, Victoria busts the myth of goal setting and the importance of decisiveness — and provides a completely novel approach that will generate a level of leadership, ownership and innovation you have not seen before. Give your audience and teams the critical tools they need to create their best work ever.

Menu of takeaways:


Are your people as engaged as they could be, tapping into their hidden talents to maximize innovation, productivity and world class communication skills?

Are they taking advantage of the multiple opportunities to stand out in a crowded market? Or building relationships in a unique and compelling way?

In this Keynote Performance™, Victoria will help your team discover and apply their hidden talents and then use those talents to communicate and innovate at higher levels than they ever thought possible. Based on her transformational systems of The Throughline™ and The Prism Effect™, this performance is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Turn your business into art. Place your organization and people in a class of their own.

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"Thank you again for such a phenomenal job at our two events the last few weeks! I don't think I have ever worked with anyone who has so completely and efficiently immersed themselves into our organization and customized their approach to our groups as you have. Both the "communication" and keynotes sessions at our Sales Meeting and the keynote at our Dealer Summit were a HUGE hit and you delivered in a big, big way. We really appreciate you taking the time and going the extra mile to make good on your promise to deliver for us!" Guy Williams, Director of Dealer Sales, Precor

"In spite of all the time and money I've spent on 'presenters' I can recall only one – Victoria Labalme. She lit up our stage and her message lives on in the daily lives and actions of my team." Randy Drake, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales, 24 Hour Fitness

"Victoria, you did such a fantastic job at ADP's Meeting of the Minds conference, I can truly say that I was profoundly touched by your artistic performance. In five years of ADP conferences, I can honestly that yours was THE BEST."  Stan Chambers, Client Advisory Board, ADP

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